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Welcome to AutoECU- As the name suggests, we are an independent automotive electronics company. We are fully mobile and provide dyno tested remaps, car key cutting and programming, vehicle coding, mileage correction and much more at the comfort of your home.

We are based in the heart of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and cover many surrounding areas. Our work is based on your satisfaction and safety and we aim to become the go-to for all your electronic needs.

To learn more about us, please feel free to navigate through our webpage or contact us directly through our many options found on the 'Contact Us' page.

Auto Locksmith

Car Key Replacement

It happens! You've misplaced your keys, damaged your existing key, or locked your fob in the vehicle; AutoECU provides a full professional car key cutting, programming, and synchronisation service with non-destructive entry.

Lockpicking and forced entry has always been a security risk and in today's era is far too easy - for this reason, cars require more than just a key blade to function.

Refer to the 'Keys' section to learn more about car keys and their nature in 2021.

Transponder programmed key

Key with remote locking/unlocking

Keyless Go start/stop button technology

ECU Tuning

Our work consists of module repair and software writing. This also means we can remap vehicles to tune their engines to run faster, or more efficiently!

An 'ECU map' is a crucial piece of software that can be described as a map of instructions found within the ECU (Engine Control Unit) telling the physical parts of a car when and how to work. By 'remapping' the ECU you are essentially modifying the software so that the engine can run the way you tell it to.

Software Coding & Programming

Often when picking your new vehicle you will encounter many specifications and trim levels appealing to your taste. The differences in these vehicles may be within the software and thus coding can replicate the extra features you missed out on.

With the code edited you can benefit from features such as windows rolling down via the remote, brighter headlights, folding mirrors when locked, auto locking of the vehicle when driving and so on... for select vehicles there are a number of features which can be added that the manufacturer do not offer. It's almost like it's illegal :)

And then there are features that require hardware fitment such as remote central locking, immobilisers, multifunctional steering wheels and so on... of course, retrofitting is an option, but in modern cars they require more than just changing the wiring harness and actual parts - theres programming required.

Thankfully 3rd party solutions are widely available and you are no longer limited to the dealership to offer you the expensive addons you might have find a liking for.

Where do we cover?

We are based in Peterborough and cover all areas within it as well as any area within a 60mile radius.

This includes: Bedford, Northampton, Leicester, Nottingham, Boston, Thetford, Cambridge, Milton Keynes .
We may also include areas

It is possible we will go beyond those listed, please contact us to confirm

Soon to be offered by AutoECU....

  • ECU repairs through SMD level board repairs

  • Global mail in service

Module Reprogramming

For damaged or faulty modules that cannot be cloned, this service provides a full reprogrammed replacement.

We support some vehicles, our coverage is improving!

Dyno Runs

Remapping has become more and more common in the last few years, however few have the means to backup their figures.

With a rolling road print, the BHP of the vehicle is tested.