Our Promise

AutoECU strives to meet your expectations

You - the customer

Here at AutoECU we value the owner and their items as much as our own. We make a promise to ensure that you are happy with the service you will receive and push to make sure it is in safe, satisfactory standards. Our honest team will make an effort to make sure you receive the service you need and leave us with a happy experience. If we do not offer exactly the type of support you require, it does not mean that it does not exist - do not be hesitate to get in touch with any related questions or requests.

Quality of Service

We ensure that both the enthusiasm and respect of the locksmiths as well as the job processed by the worker are as good as can be! Our newly cut keys and remote fobs are tried and tested before the job is considered complete - however it does not end here! If you are not happy with the service and would like to get in touch, please call or email us directly to get support. Our happiness relies on your happiness, so please do not worry if things do not turn out the way they should have. We are here to help.


Our keys are made to replicate or replace your original OEM provided master key. Our aim is to make a 1-1 identical copy to go along with your car. This is why some jobs and requests may require booking appointments to prepare for your model. The newly made keys should look, feel, and work just as your original key - failing this means we failed you.


Sometimes we may require a couple of days to fulfill your request. When we schedule an appointment with you, it is our duty to reach meet you within a 10 minute tolerance of the date and time given. If we can book you in earlier, a call will be made to you to confirm if you are happy. Sometimes we may call you directly to ensure that you are still comfortable with your appointment, we want to make sure you are good to go

No fix; No fee

We follow the no fix no fee basis when it comes to making and programming your car keys to your vehicle. Sometimes a car will not let us create a key for them to due issues related to the ECU of the vehicle, a lack of training, or a faulty tool / part. For this reason, we will not charge you for our time or efforts during the process. As humans, we can only apologise and hope you understand that we tried our best and are truly sorry for disappointing you.