Key Upgrades

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There are plenty of ways to spice up your key fob without having to dash out loads of money for a new car. Sometimes it's even possible to completely convert your key to a whole new body! Now that's a transformation not even steroids could pull off. Keep reading and you'll be in debt.

Offers by AutoECU

Hey reader, like what you see? The keys dancing above for you are just some of our custom keys we offer for majority of the road vehicles in Britain's road. These keys are not something an individual would be able to program themselves, they require certain tools and knowledge to program to the vehicle, the same way an aftermarket or genuine remote would be programmed to your car. If you like a design shown in the image carousel above, take a note of it's name and get in touch with us to see if it's compatible with your vehicle. Before you ask, yes, it is totally possible to convert your blade key into a flip key this way, but if this is all you want then continue reading below because we have some low cost alternatives for you that you could do yourself at home with just a couple of quid.

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Smart Keys

Smart Key Conversion

Behold, the newest revolution of the Chinese. A whole new world of features brought to your Keyless Go vehicles. Powered by a small computer and touchscreen LCD, the Smart Key is a fob that brings a small operating system right into your car keys.

Keyless Go owners can now enjoy the luxury of having a beautiful fob which actually houses some pretty great features such as auto unlocking, remote alarm triggering, window control and a couple other gimmicks to impress your friends.

The only downside is that to use the smart features, you now have to charge your car key... it may seem like a bad idea but that fruit company that keeps removing features from their devices seem to be doing well. At least this key can still unlock and start your engine with a flat battery so it's not like we're taking something away and calling it an innovation.

Budget friendly DIY

No one said you absolutely have to pay an auto locksmith to upgrade your keys. This is only the worth doing when you don't have a second key as a backup, otherwise you're much better off just converting your existing key into something new and shiny. Again, it's the Chinese that seem to have brought this gift to us, so let's have a look at the goodies they've made for us to do at home.

Key Covers

Simple yet elegant and protects your key from any damage. You have the option to change colours and the feel of the key depending on the type of material you pick. This is by far the most cost effective way to change the look and feel of your car key.

Key Shell

Simlar to key covers but made with metal. These frames cover the key fob the same way and completely change the aesthetics and feel of the key. Not only are they protecting your key from any physical damage but also boasting a durable and rather sharp design.

Fob Conversion

Maybe you don't want a cover but an actual transformation. There are kits on the Chinese market that allow you to change the entire housing of your car key, even if you have a non flip key and want to convert it to one that is. Surprisingly, they are amongst one of the low cost methods.

As you can see, there's hope for the users who still own their 2 car keys and would like to have something new. Now that you've understood that there is a wide selection to choose from, which one will you go for? Whatever it may be, we hope you love it and have learned something new today. Unfortunately we do not sell these accessories ourselves as they're not something we can currently keep in stock, but you can find them all over the market for as little as £3 delivered.