ECU Tuning FAQ

1 - How much does it cost to remap my car?

If this is the first question that comes to mind and you have an idea of what an ECU remap is, then a remap is not safe. ECU remapping is very risky, not because of the service itself, but by the amount of tuners that have appeared in the last few years. Custom ECU tuning requires a lot of research and development and by that nature they can easily cost up to £600 by a professional tuner, even standard stage 1 remaps which are tried and tested to work on multiple vehicles of the same hardware require a lot of research to ensure safety. The price of the remap should not be a factor when looking to tune your vehicle, the reputation of the company you decide to go with will reveal their experience.

This is a very vague question and requires a lot of information before we can give you a definitive answer. To make it simple, you can provide us with your vehicle registration and post code on the quote page to get a simple quote.

2 - I've heard a remap can cause problems overtime, is this true?

Again, this is a very vague question. A simple way to understand remaps is to learn how an engine works, and what more fuel means. More fuel = more power. A remap reconfigures the computers brain to relearn how much fuel and air to take in. There is nothing stopping the tuner from pushing it as far as they want to other than their love for you, hence the existence of custom remaps. The tuner has to take into consideration of how much stress the components of a vehicle can handle before it cries and ends it's miserable life. There is a lot to research involved and thus a lot of testing is required to ensure their tune is successful. This is where the safety is compromised. If you do not go to the right tuner, your vehicle may seem fine, but inside it's crying because not all illesses are visible... you get the idea!

As long as you visit a reputable tuner, your vehicle is as safe as it can be. If you visit the wrong tuner, you may have constant failures for no apparent reason.

3 - Why do some cars have massive gains and others only minimal?

This could be down to multiple reasons. The main reason is that the factory mapping that comes with the vehicle by default is what the manufacturer had decided is safe for the vehicle for all round use. This includes city, motorway, school runs etc... If they had pushed for only one use case this could easily limit their target audience. Faster cars often consume more fuel, slower cars are often cheaper to buy. Now add that along with the fact that some parts have a much higher potential than they are designed to run at, and you have a higher or lower gain through remapping your motor. Tuners can remap the worlds fastest Nissan Micra from 59bhp to 65bhp with the same amount of work required to tune a BMW 114i from 100bhp to 200bhp+ - it's just genetics bro!

4 - Does remapping void my warranty?

Yes. Remapping is considered a modification and a very controversial one too. Ricers consider remapping safe whilst mechanics argue that it's the primary reason why cars fail. Due to the nature of tuning an ECU, the warranty is void as it's no longer known by the manufacturer if the custom mapping on your vehicle is going to cause any issues to your vehicle or not.

Do not attempt to remap your vehicle if you value your warranty, knowing if an ECU has been modified is very easy and it is unethical to act oblivious to something deliberate.