ECU Remap

The go-to option for power

Looking for extra BHP without physical modifications?

No? Perhaps you're more interested improving your MPG...

Whichever it may be, an ECU remap may be a viable option for your motor's needs. Remapping a car is essentially teaching the car a new way to use it's engine. ECU stands for Engine Control Unit, and re-map? You can see where this is going.

Every driver is different, some have the patience of a sloth with actual manufacturer provided MPG statistics, whilst others have a desire to crush that throttle pedal down to hell only to be let down by the needle taking it's sweet time to reach 60mph... and then you have the few inbetween who fancy the best of both worlds. Fortunately, that does not stop the remap fairy from making your dreams come true.

Turbo cars can expect anywhere from a 10-30% BHP and torque improvement with the expense of fuel, or they can turn upside down and improve their MPG by up to 20% without sacrificing their factory performance statistics.... okay if you're picky you can split it 50/50, why not? It's a win-win at the end with more economy and performance!

Is it true that petrol cars don't see as much of a jump as it's diesel brother? No... a BMW 114i can jump from 114BHP all the way to 190BHP! They also have their fair share of additional tuning features such as Pops and bangs, Crackles, Limiter removals, Flames etc...

But all this at what expense? Safety and reliability of ECU remapping is another story. To make it short; it all depends on how you drive. The main factors to look out for are aging parts, reduced fuel economy, and extra strain on the vital components such as the turbo or clutch. These features were not supplied as factory standard for a reason, so if you do consider remapping your car, make sure to complete your homework! You may require physical modifications...

Many often refer to the levels of remapping through a 'stage:'
Stage 1 (stock) standard revision - considered the most safe and reliable for day to day use for factory spec vehicles
Stage 2 (modified) with near double the figures provided by stage 1 - this is where you're pushing it and may require modifications
Stage 3 (modified) pushing your car to the limits so far that your wallet and mechanic have nowhere to run
- Custom Tune (modified) If you decide to use your own taste of parts, a custom tune is required for the car to run appropriately

What cars are supported?

To keep it short, whilst most cars are supported, you may not have the best gains as you would hope. You can get in touch with us through the enquiry page and provide your vehicle details and needs for a quote. Almost every vehicle can be remapped and we cover most of them too!

AutoECU mainly focus on programming. ECU remapping requires a lot of behind the scenes development and is therefore offered by our partners that specialise in tuning. With over 10yrs of experience in the field. All maps are researched and tuned with proven figures provided by dyno run 'test subjects' - yes, your car's ancestors were abused for your own desires. How do you feel about that?


Remaps (cars):

*Excluding any addiotional fees if applicable

Starts from: £175